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Moodle Reports

Did you know that you have the ability to check a student’s activity in your class? Moodle provides three different reports to provide this information about activities, student interactions, and even how often a resource is viewed!
  • Once inside a course, locate the reports link under the “Administration” tab. Once dropped down, you will have three report types: Logs, Activity report, and Course participation.

 Which report do I use?


  • The logs report allow you to narrow down a student’s virtual footsteps in your class. You can select a specific date, participant, activity, and even the action. This is the most commonly used format of reports. It also has the ability to be downloaded in several user friendly formats, like Excel. This report provides a full history of every “click” a student makes in your course.


This is an example of a search using the log report – I wanted to see ALL of my activity in a particular course. I changed the date range to reflect all days and also selected all activities. I now have a report of every virtual step I took in this course.

Activity Report

  • The activity report shows how many times a particular activity has been viewed as well as the last time it has been accessed.

Course Participation

  • This report lets you determine if students on your roster has accessed/viewed a particular resource. For example, you assign a website link for students to view for a grade. You can use this report to determine who actually opened the link. This is also a great way to determine who has made a post in a discussion forum as well as how many times.

Inactivity Report

Need to check how long a student has been inactive? There’s a report for that!

  1. On the left hand side of your course, drop down the gray arrow under “current course” and select “participants”.
  2. With this report, you are able to determine how long a student has been inactive in your course, or better yet, determine which students have been inactive for a set time frame. This is a great feature that allows you to reach out to students who have not been logging in regularly to your class.
  3. A great new feature with out latest upgrade allows you to message students directly from the report area. For example, I did a report on students inactive for 3+ days. I was able to check the box next to their names and compose a message. This message could be generic across the board for a group of students but they will receive it individually when the log in to Moodle.


Moodle_-_Activity_Reports.pdf Moodle_-_Activity_Reports.pdf

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