Accessing Your LSUA Shared Drive

Accessing Your LSUA Shared Drive

You may not know it, but everyone with a LSUA username and password has access to a shared drive on their account! Remember all those times you forgot your flash drive and had to email the file to yourself??? No more! You have access to this drive while on campus and at home. Take advantage of this resource provided for you.
  1. While on campus, you can access your shared drive by opening your library. Select the folder located at the bottom of your taskbar.

  1. Next, you will locate the “Computer” drop down section on the left hand side of your screen. By selecting the black triangle, it will reveal the drives connected to that particular account or computer. Your drive will reflect your LSUA username. For example, “bwoodworth005”. For students, it will be the (X:) drive. Faculty/staff drive will be (Y:). Department shared drives are (W:). When you save a file, select your personal drive. This will allow you to have access while off campus.

  1. To access this drive while off campus, you will need to log into – In the upper right corner, click the down arrow next to your profile picture. Select “My Drives”
  1. Once you have selected “My Drives,” you will then be shown all drives associated with your LSUA account. Click on the drive to access and upload files. 


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