Embed YouTube Video in PowerPoint 2013

Embed YouTube Video in PowerPoint 2013
  1. Locate YouTube video that you wish to embed in a PowerPoint slide.
  2. Select share, then embed to locate the code. Right click, or CTRL + C, to copy the code.
  3. Go back to PowerPoint. On the slide you wish to embed the video, select insert, video, and online video.

  1. Once clicking online video, a new menu will open. You have the option to search for a YouTube video (alternate method #2) or paste the code that you previously copied from step #2. To paste you can right click with your mouse and select paste. You can also use a keyboard shortcut of CTRL + V.

  1. Once pasting the code hit enter/return on your keyboard or select the arrow next to the embed code.
  2. When successfully posted, a black rectangle will appear for the video. Now you have the opportunity to stretch it to fit the slide. While holding the shift key, drag the video wider at the corners. This will help the video to stay in the correct proportion. See photo below. White dots in the corners of video appear once clicking the video once to select it.  *HELPFUL HINT* It would be a smart play to provide a hyperlink to the video in case the embed code doesn’t work for some reason. Not only are you able to share the title of the video, but you are also giving the students a second method of accessing the content. See my example below. I placed a text box beneath the video area to hold text as well as a hyperlink to the video. (To hyperlink ANYTHING in Microsoft Office, you simply right click a photograph or highlight a word/phrase and right click with your mouse. You will see a menu displayed with the option to “Hyperlink”. Paste the link in the address bar. You now have a hyperlinked item!)

  1. Your embedded video should now play while your PowerPoint is running. **NOTE – with embedded videos, or even hyperlinks, internet is REQUIRED in order for it to play. If there is not an internet connection


Microsoft_Office_-_Embed_YouTube_Video_in_PowerPoint_2013.pdf Microsoft_Office_-_Embed_YouTube_Video_in_PowerPoint_2013.pdf

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