Adding Space Below Banners in Course Shell

  1. Turn editing on in your course.


  1. Select “edit settings” next to the item that needs a space added. 


  1. Select the HTML editor ( “<>”).


  1. Place your mouse cursor at the end of the last character in the box and press enter. Your cursor should now be on the line below all other characters.


  1. Type the following command  <br /> *Please note there is a space between the letter r and the /.*

  1. Select < > on the HTML editor on the bottom ride side of the box (found in step 3)
  1. Your cursor should now be below the course banner which will allow you to start typing your material.


Moodle_-_Adding_Space_below_Banners_in_Course_Shell.pdf Moodle_-_Adding_Space_below_Banners_in_Course_Shell.pdf

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