Commonly Used Features

  1. First, if not already installed, download the recommended browser: Google Chrome - – You can NOT use Internet Explorer with Moodle. If you chose to do so, you risk your assignments and/or quizzes timing out or not submitting.
  2. Log into Moodle with your LSUA username and password at

  3. Next, you will select the course name in which you want to enter. If you log in, and you do not see the course, this does not mean you are not registered. The class will only appear on your schedule once the professor has made the class viewable. Simply email your professor to ask when they class and materials will be available.

  4. Once inside the course, you will be presented the elements either on a weekly or topic schedule. There are five main elements in the course that students should be aware of: Grades, Activities, Assignments, Learner Support, and Activities.
    1. Grades – Here you will be able to check your current standing in the course along with a list of assignments. Depending on the grading aggregation, your class may be passed on total points or percentage. Please refer to your course syllabus for more information in regards to the grading policy.
    2. Activities – Under the activities section, you will be able to go directly to a particular type of assignment; for example, quizzes. Depending on the instructor, you will be able to see the date the assignment is due along with your submission status
    3. Assignments – In the central column you will be provided the resources for the course. This could include: reading assignments, URL’s, documents, videos, and quizzes.
      • To submit an assignment, select “Add Submission”. Next you are able to select “Add” or the drag-and-drop feature is also enabled.

    4. Learner Support – This will take you to our student portal for LSUA. Find information about: Noteworthy events, Academic/Financial Resources, Technology Resources, Student Safety, and Student Support.
    5. Quickmail – With quickmail, you have a custom directory that will allow you to contact your classmates and/or professor within your course. There is no need to log into your regular email account. There is also the ability to attach documents so you are able to communicate more effectively.


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