Dropping Classes

1)    Log on to my.LSUA.

2)    Select Self Service on the left hand side. 

3)    Once in Self Service, select the “Register” tab and then “Traditional Courses”.

4)    Select the term that contains the course that you want to drop*. 

*Please note, if registration for a term has already been turned off, you will not be able to drop the course in Self Service. To drop the course, you will need to download the “LSUA Schedule Change Slip” and fill it out completely. This form will need to be emailed to your advisor and/or your department. LSUA students can find your department information at http://www.lsua.edu/Directory/university-officesOnline Program Students can submit questions to online.lsua.edu.

5)    Select the course that you want to drop and select next. 

* This screen may look familiar. During registration process, “Drop” is actually the “Add” command used. 

6)    The refresh screen will show your updated schedule. Select next to finalize the process.

7)    You will receive a confirmation screen that allows you to view your textbooks, your payment statement, or allow you to make adjustments for another term. 


lsua-schedule-change-slip.pdf lsua-schedule-change-slip.pdf
Self_Service_-_Dropping_Classes.pdf Self_Service_-_Dropping_Classes.pdf

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