How to Download the Zoom Desktop Application

Step 1: Double click the Zoom Desktop Icon. It will look something like the icon below.  If you do not have Zoom downloaded on your computer, go to and download the Client Version. 

Step 2: Next, click Sign In. 

Step 3: Click Sign In with SSO. 

Step 4: Type LSUA in the blank and click Continue. 

Step 5: Click Confirm your email address. Note: If you did not have a Zoom account previously, then you will not be required to click verify your email address

Step 6: Check your email and look for an email from Zoom. It will look like the image below. Click Approve the Request.

Step 7: Click "I Acknowledge and Switch"

Step 8: Click "Sign into Your Current Account". You will be redirected to the Zoom web interface. You can close this window and return to the Desktop application. 

Step 9: Once you are back in the Desktop application, click Continue. 

Step 10: If the following box appears in your screen, select "Zoom Meetings" and check the box that says "Remember my choice for Zoomtg links." Then, click Open Link. 

Step 11: Welcome to your upgraded Zoom Account!


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