A common issues that many users are experiencing is that of the annoying pop-up boxes found while using Microsoft Outlook. 

These pop-up boxes are the result of a recent password change, which failed to properly update the cached credential stored on your computer. Because of this known problem, even if you enter the correct password into the box, Windows will not accept it. Windows will completely ignore the password entered and automatically try to use your old password that is still stuck in the cache. Unless you manually update your cached credentials, the box will continue to pop up and possibly even lock your account after a few attempts. Follow the instructions below to clear the cached credentials.

1.) First, Make sure that all Microsoft programs are closed.

2.) Navigate to the ‘Windows Credential Manager’

  1. Click the start button at the bottom left
  2. Click on ‘Control Panel’
  3. Click on ‘User Accounts’
  4. Click on ‘Credential Manager’

You should end up with a screen similar to this one:

From here, we recommend that you click the drop down arrow all the way to the right of each individual credential, (see image above) then select the option to ‘remove’ until there are no more credentials remaining. Some people may have more or less than others. You really can’t mess anything up here so don’t get nervous. It won’t hurt to clear out all of these stored passwords from time to time anyway.

After they have all been removed, you can close out of the credential manager and are free to open Microsoft Outlook again.

After only a minute, you can expect to see the pop-up asking for your credentials:

You should make sure to put a check in the box that says “Remember my credentials”. If you don’t put a check in the box, it will continue to pop up on you and will never properly store the updated password.

You have now successfully updated your cached credentials for Outlook. If at any time you get a window such as this one:

You should put a check in that box as well, then click on Allow.