Purchasing Textbooks after Registration

After registering, you are given the opportunity to purchase textbooks for your courses through Self Service. Please note: You are not required to purchase at this time.

  1. Once finalizing registration, select the “Purchase Textbooks” link. 

  1. Select the term that you wish to purchase textbooks.

  1. Once selecting the term, you will be given a splash screen allowing you to confirm the semester as well as your course list. When ready, select “view/purchase books for the above courses.”

Purchasing Textbooks Directly from Bookstore Website


  1. Visit the LSUA bookstore website.
  2. Expand the textbooks tab and select “find textbooks”.

  1. Using your schedule, complete the list for each class. If your class is not listed, check with your professor or course syllabus about a textbook. You may not have a required text for that particular class. It’s always best to double check.
  2. Once uploading your schedule, select “find materials for XX courses”. 

  1. You will now have course materials displayed for the courses you submitted. Using the dropdown boxes you are able to select new or used textbooks and the option to rent, depending on their availability. Once selecting the materials you wish to purchase, you will need to add the items to your shopping cart before checking out.

  1. Once satisfied with your selection, select “view cart” to start the checkout process.

  1. Once inside your cart, you will be given one more opportunity to view the items in your cart as well as what class they are for. If happy with your selections, select checkout to complete your purchase.