Zoom will retain a list of the participants in the synchronous meetings that you have held.

1. Go directly to https://lsua.zoom.us.
2. Click Sign in and use your LSUA credentials.
3. Click Reports in the left column.

4. Next, click Usage.

5. Set the date range at the top to see your meeting data (it defaults to previous day only) click Search.

6. Use the Toggle Columns link (on right) to turn off Email, Group, and Department (these will all be you or blank). This allows the participant column to show without having to scroll over.

7. Click on the number of participants.

8. Check the box to Export with meeting data (this puts the info at the top of your Excel sheet).  Show Unique users will add the time for the different times one user comes in and out of the meeting. Click Export.

9. Depending on your browser settings, the file will show at the bottom left of your screen when it downloads or it will ask you where to download the file.