Creating Headings

  1. Complete document text.
  2. Highlight text that you would like to designate as a heading – options are “Heading 1, Heading 2, and Heading 3”
  3. Once text is highlighted, make sure the “HOME” tab has been selected. You will locate styles on the right hand side. Select which heading style you would like to apply.
    1. Heading 1 – Level 1
    2. Heading 2 – Level 2 (or subtopic)
    3. Heading 3 – Level 3 (or subtopic to the subtopic, or 3rd degree from main heading)

  1. This will create a navigation pane list – this will allow the reader to navigate through topics as their leisure.

Inserting a Table of Contents

  1. At the start of the document, select insert, then page break – this step is only necessary if a blank page was not left intentionally for the table of contents.

  1. Once the blank page has been created, make sure cursor is at the very start of the page. Select the references tab, then select table of contents. I recommend using one of the first two options which are automatic tables.

  1. Please note, if you add additional headings after you create the table of contents you will need to UPDATE the table (designated by green arrow in picture above).

Table of Contents Example: