1. Log into Moodle and select the course that you wish to add a file.

2. Turn editing on (this is located on the top right side of your Moodle course.)

3. You now have two options of adding the file to your course.

4. The first is the traditional method. You will select “Add an activity or resource.”

5. Once the dialogue box appears, select “file” from the resource category and click add at the bottom of the box.

6. You will be brought to a page that will allow you to add your resource file. This feature will allow you to upload multiple file types – Word documents, PowerPoints, Excel files, music, videos, and even images.

First you must name your file. Next, you will add a file by selecting the add icon () or drag-and-drop the file in the content box. Both methods will provide the same results. *Please note, if you select the folder icon you can add multiple files. This helps organize your files by topic, chapter, or even by week.

7. If you choose to select “add”, you will need to browse to your file location. Make sure that “upload a file” has been selected on the left hand side. Select “Chose File”. Browse to where the file is located (on your PC, on a jump drive, etc). Select the file and choose open. Once you have selected the correct file, you will select “upload this file.”


**Note** If you utilize the drag-and-drop feature, you will open your library that shows your file. You will select the file with your mouse and drag into the content box. The file will automatically add itself.


8. One the file has been loaded, you have one adjustment left to make. Under the appearance tab, you will see a drop down box located next to “display.” It is recommended to change this option from open to “in pop up.” This allows any files that you upload to be opened in a separate window instead of it opening directly in the class.

9. Double check that you have named and uploaded the correct file. Once complete, select “save and return to course” located at the bottom of the page.

10. A second method allows you to drag and drop a file directly on to your class page. As you will see in the example below, I opened the folder where the file was stored and dragged in on to the main class page. You may need to edit the settings to rename the display name for the file and/or the appearance settings but this is a very efficient method in embedding a file in your course!