You have three different methods of adding questions to an exam/quiz. The two most common methods is adding from a question bank or adding random questions from a pool of questions.

  1. Open quiz that you need to add questions and select “edit quiz”.

  1. On the right hand side of your screen, drop down the options beneath the word “add”. This is where you are able to select which method you will be adding questions. If you are wanting to add specific questions, you will select “add from question bank.” If you are wanting to do a random assortment of questions, you will select “a random question.”

Adding Specific Questions

  1. Adding specific questions, you can sort by category to filter out questions. You can select individual boxes next to questions or add all by selecting the main header box which will check off all questions on the screen.

  • Once selecting questions, select “add selected questions to the quiz” to complete the process at the bottom of the page.

Adding Random Questions to Exam

  1. When selecting add (from step 2) choose to “add a random question”.

  1. Adjust the category to reflect the question bank that you would like to pull questions from. Next, assign how many random questions are needed from the category by using the dropdown box.  Then select “add random question”. 

  1. Your question page will now reflect a dice icon next to the question title which is an indication that it is a random question from XX category.