Our recent update allows you to provide personal feedback per assignment, including forums and exams! This is a great new feature allowing you to connect on a one-to-one basis with your students as they progress through your course. You can also bulk insert grades for empty grade spots for a particular assignment. For example, a zero for non-completers.

1. Enter the gradebook of your course.

2. Make sure you are on the main grader report. You will notice a pencil next to each assignment. (Note, this feature is only available to those with instructor level permissions as it is considered an edited item. This will not work for Academic Assistants unless they are granted full instructor rights.) 

3. Select the pencil next to the item you wish to give feedback for or push bulk grades.

4. Once selecting the pencil, you are provided a screen with the class roster along with columns featuring range, grade, and feedback per person. In order to adjust a grade or provide feedback for a Moodle based assignment (i.e. forum, quiz, assignment) you will need to check the override box for that student. Otherwise, it will be grayed out preventing you from making changes. This happens because this assignment is live on your main Moodle class page where grading normally takes place. If you have a manual grade item (a non-Moodle assignment grade) you will not have to override the grade/feedback area in order to input information.

5. To perform bulk insert, you are able to insert grades for the entire class roster or empty grades only. First, you will check “perform bulk insert.” You have the dropdown arrow which allows you to switch between all grade and empty grades. Next you will insert the value. For example, you can select for empty grades place a 0. This will keep you from manually inserting grades for those that did not complete the assignment/quiz/forum. Once completing select save.