**Please note – it is important to build a new attendance activity each time you use it in a course. If you import an old attendance activity, there is a possibility that the grading mechanism will not work properly.

1. Turn editing on in your Moodle course.

2. Select add an activity or resource (normally attendance can be found by students in the top block of the course).

3. Next, determine that point value for attendance. You can utilize a point or scale system or chose for it to have no point influence.

4. Select save and display to create sessions for the course.

5. Select the “add” tab to create sessions to take attendance

6. You are able to generate multiple sessions, which will allow you to create attendance for an entire semester. For example, if your class meets on Tuesday and Thursday from 8:00 am – 9:15 am, then you are able to create the attendance session based on that criterion just ONE time. See my example below.

7. Once completing, select add session at the bottom of the page.

8. Now select the session’s tab on the toolbar. You are able to select “all sessions” or change the view to see by month, week, or day.

9. To take attendance for a session, select the lime green dot listed under the actions column for that particular day.

10. You are now able to select a radio button next to each student for his or her status as well as provide a remark. By selecting the letter at the top of the column you can also fill the entire selection with one action. For example, by selecting “P” I am able to mark everyone present. Once attendance has been taken, select “save attendance”.

11. Once attendance is submitted, you are able to update attendance status as needed by selecting what is now a green arrow instead of a green dot.

*Please note, attendance will NOT show up in the grade book unless there is a point value assigned to it.  If marked as no grade, the activity will only show up on the main class page to students and the instructor.