Complete the following steps to import. Once you have, you are able to move, add, modify, and delete material as normal.

1. Open the course that you wish to import content into (you do not need to be in the class that has actual content in it. Your class should be blank!) Click the cogwheel in the upper right, select Import.

2. In the search box, type the course name and number, i.e.) EDCI 2900. This will bring up a list of your courses by that name. If you course does not appear, or too many are listed, you will need to be more specific in the search box. For example, EDCI 2900/LEC/071I – Please note – the search box is character and space specific

Some instructors find it easier to go to the course they want to import from and copy the title. Then, paste the title of the course into the import search box and click Search.

Once you find your course, select the radio button next to the course that you would like to import materials from and select Continue.

3. On the next screen, you should leave everything checked and select Next.

4. In step 3, you are able to select all, some, or none of the resources. If you want to import everything, leave everything checked and click Next. If you are wanting to import some of the materials but not all, check only the resources you wish to bring over. You will need to uncheck material that you don’t want to carry over.

5. Step 4 is a confirmation page which will display green check marks (or red X’s if you deselected material). Select “Perform Import.”

  • If you feel that you made a mistake, you can select the previous button which will bring you back to the select/deselect resource page.

6. The import process may take a few moments. Please do not click away from the page or hit refresh. This could result in your import jamming or loading materials into your class twice.

8. When successfully loaded, you will receive a message of completion. Select “Continue” to view the course page. NOTE: You will need to reload any external tools such as: ProctorU, Cengage, etc.

Note: There may be an ‘extra’ Announcements forum (there is always one automatically in every course so it duplicates when you import) – just delete one.