There may be instances where you want to give assignments for data purposes but not necessarily for a grade. You have a way of excluding that assignment from the course total while keeping the student’s attempt available for your review. 

  1. Create assignments, quizzes, forums, and/or manual grade items as you normally would.

  2. Open the gradebook and select the setup tab.


  1. Scroll to the very bottom of the page and select “Add Category”.

  2. A suggested category name is “Excluded Grades”. Adjust the aggregation to whatever style you prefer. Most commonly used are “Simple Weighted Mean of Grades” or “Natural.”

  3. Next, drop down the Parent Category options. Check the box next to “weight adjusted”. Leave, or set, the weight to zero. What this will do is allow the assignment grades to show to the instructor but will have NO weight impact on the course total. Once making these adjustments, select save changes.

  4. Additional customization options: You can completely hide the category from student’s view if you would prefer them not to see the items on their grader report. To adjust the view, select edit, then hide next to the category folder.

  5. The category will now be grayed out indicating that it is hidden from student’s view. The instructor, however, will always see the content on their main grader report page.


Student View of Gradebook


Instructor View of Gradebook