By providing rating options for discussion forums, you are achieving two things: 

  1. The assignment score automatically appearing in the gradebook.
  2. The ability to grade discussion forum posts while reviewing the activity. This prevents you having to maintain a separate log and manually entering a score in the gradebook.

1. Turn editing on while on the main class page.

2. Select Edit next to the forum and then select Edit settings.

3. Scroll down to Ratings. *Note, you may need to click the arrow to view the drop down options.*

4. First, you need to decide what type of aggregation you would like to use. The most commonly used is “Sum of Ratings”. (See the photo below for definitions of each type of aggregation).

5. Set the maximum set of points.

6. You have the option to restrict the ability to rate a forum during a specific period of time. The advantage of this is that you will be able to grant points to a student who has followed your deadlines. The negative is that we tend to forget we set the restrict access (which causes the score dropdown box to disappear). As a result we think something is wrong with the forum and/or Moodle.

7. Once adjusting your settings, select save and return to course.

8. Now when visiting a forum, you will be able to select a grade for the student via dropdown box.