1. Load questions into a category on Moodle. Click here to learn how to add quiz categories in Moodle.

2. Open the question bank for your course. To do this, click the gear icon in the upper right and select More.

3. On the next page, select Questions in the Question bank section.

4. Select the category to filter your questions to the bank that contains the question(s) to adjust.

5. Select the gear icon next to the question to edit.

6. After selecting the gear icon, the question will open up to reveal the editing screen. This editor will look very familiar as it is used in most areas of Moodle. Insert your cursor either before or after the question and hit return a few times to create space.

7. Next, select the image icon on the first row of the editor.

8. Next, select “browse repositories” to locate the image that you have saved.

9. Select upload a file on the far left side if it isn’t automatically selected. Then select “choose file”. Locate the file saved on your computer (or alternate location). Select Upload this file.

10. Before hitting save image, adjust the size – it is recommended to make the width range from 400 – 600 (or height if the image is a portrait). As long as auto size is checked, the picture will maintain its resolution and will adjust the height/width accordingly. Last but not least, provide a description for the image and click save image.

11. If you need to adjust the image’s size after inserting, simply click the image one time to highlight and select the image icon again. This will bring up the same menu from step 10. Adjust the size/description and select save image.

12. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select save changes to finish the editing process.

13. You now have the ability to preview the question for the student view by select the magnifying glass next to the question name. The question will appear in a pop up box for your review. If you need to adjust the question again, repeat the steps from above.

14. The steps above should be applied when uploading a video to a question.