1)    Log into your course. 

2)    Open exam by clicking its name on the main course page.

3)    To review attempts by students, select “Attempts: XX” directly beneath the exam description.

4)    Scroll down to the list of student attempts. 

5)    You will see questions that need grading show “requires grading” for the score area. 

6)    Click on the first “requires grading” – the question along with the student response will be shown. To grade the question, select “make comment or override points.”

7)    Provide any feedback that you wish and then mark the points earned. For example, to give full credit for this question, it would be marked a 1 out of 1.00. For half credit, it would be marked .5 out of 1.00. 

8)    Once completing feedback/scoring, scroll to the bottom of the page and select save.

9)    Repeat for all remaining questions that need grading.