We’ve heard you and know that grading forums in Moodle can be difficult especially if you need to sift through all of your students’ posts and replies. To make this process easier, follow the instructions below on using the Single View option in the Moodle Gradebook.

1. Open your Moodle course and navigate to the forum you want to grade.

2. Next, in a new window, open Moodle and navigate to the course again. You need two windows open to use the Single View grading process for forums. Click here to learn how to open a new window in Google Chrome.

3. In the new window, click Grades from the left navigation pane.

4. Then, click the View tab and select Single View.

5. Next, choose the activity you want to grade from the drop-down menu.

6. With both windows, side by side, one with the forum posts and the other with Single View, you can grade the students’ posts much easier. 

On the Single View window, check the boxes under Override to add a grade and feedback.

7. You can view all forum posts for a particular student but clicking the student’s name in Single View. Then, select Forum posts under Miscellaneous.