1. Select the assignment that you need to submit. It is designated by this icon.
  2. On this page, you will be provided a description of the assignment (if instructor has provided these details) as well as the submission status of the assignment. This includes: due date, how much time remaining before assignment is due, and your grading status – just to name a few.

  3. To submit your assignment, select the “add submission” as shown in the image above.

  4. You can either “drag-n-drop” the file in the space provided or browse to the file’s location. Drag-n-drop is the easiest method!

  5. To browse to the file, select the paper+ icon on the toolbar.

  6. The file picker window will open. Select “upload a file,” from the left-hand menu, then select "Browse".

  7. Browse to where the file is saved. For example, the desktop, a folder, or USB drive. Select the file and then select "Open".
  8. After choosing the file you want to submit, select “Upload this file".

  9. Next, you will return to the submission screen. Confirm that you have selected the right file and then select “Save Changes.”

  10. Once saved, you will be brought back to your submission status page. You will see the file that you selected and the date/time that you submitted. Depending on your instructor’s settings, you may or may not be able to edit your submission.