1. Select the exam/quiz from your class page. It is designated by a page icon with a red check mark.
  2. After opening the exam, you will see the splash page that contains information about the exam. This includes an exam description (optional by instructor), how many attempts allowed, time limit, and the exam availability information.

  3. When you select "Attempt quiz now", you will be given a start attempt confirmation message. This is your last opportunity to leave the quiz without it impacting your attempt. If you are ready to start, select "Start attempt".

  • **Please note – it is highly recommended that you use Google Chrome as your testing browser. Do NOT use Internet Explorer/Microsoft Edge. It is known to be problematic with Moodle and can result in your exam crashing. In addition, it is recommended that you use a hardwire connection, if possible. WiFi can be intermittent which can result in you being disconnected from your exam.

  1. Once you start your exam, you will have a quiz navigation pane on the right-hand side with a running clock showing how much time is remaining. After answering a question, select “next” to proceed to the next question.
  2. As you proceed through the exam and answer questions, the question blocks will become grayed out. You have the ability to “flag" questions that you want to return to before submitting your exam (your question number will have a red corner to reflect the flag). Question numbers will remain unshaded if you did not provide an answer. This is a great way to double check that you have provided a response for each question before submitting your exam.
  3. Once you've completed the last question, you will see "Finish Attempt" in replace of Next. After clicking "Finish Attempt", you will be given a summary of your attempt. This summary is your final chance to make adjustments to your exam. You have the option to return to the attempt, if needed. Once satisfied with your responses, select “Submit all and finish.”  Your exam will NOT be turned in if you do not select "Submit all and finish" which could result in no score. 

    *Please note – some professors prevent you from returning to questions in the exam. Each assessment will vary based on the instructor’s preferences. In addition, some exams submit automatically when the time allotted has passed. 

  4. Once your exam is submitted, you will be brought back to the exam summary page. Depending on the settings set by your instructor, you may be given the chance to see your score and possibly review the exam questions to see what you missed. This is at the discretion of the instructors. 

If you have any questions or issues with Moodle quizzes, submit a Help Desk ticket to iethelp@lsua.edu.