This guide is for instructors using the Record+/Review+ (without live proctoring). If you are using Live+ (with live proctoring), follow the exam setup options here

Step 1: Add the Google Chrome Extension

1. In order to use Record+/Review+, you will need the Google Chrome Extension. Visit this link to download the extension.  

Step 2: Create your Exam.

1. Next, login to your Moodle account.

2. Navigate to the course where you would like to setup a new or pre-existing exam for use with Record+/Review+.

3. Login to the ProctorU Google Chrome extension by clicking the blue owl icon in the upper right of your Google Chrome window. If you do not have a ProctorU Instructor account, you can request one at

4. Once you have successfully logged in, you can close the ProctorU page.

5. Return to you Moodle page, turn editing on in your course (cogwheel in upper right, select Turn Editing On) and navigate to the section of your Moodle course where you want to add an exam.

6. Add an exam name, description, timing parameters, and other exam details. You must add all details of your exam before adding the ProctorU Record+ details.

7. Once you’ve added your exam details, click the blue owl icon in the bottom right to bring up the ProctorU Settings. Then, select Getting Started.


8. From the Select a proctoring service drop down menu, select Auto and click Continue.

9. Complete the rest of the settings exam settings and click Save & Continue.


10. Next, add your contact information and click Continue.

11. Review your Moodle exam settings and your ProctorU settings. Then, click Save & Return to LMS.  Once you click Save & Return to LMS you will be taken to a page where you can begin entering your exam questions.



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