Breakout Rooms allow you to split your Zoom meeting into separate sessions for small group discussion and then bring those sessions back together to resume the large group meeting. As the meeting host, you can split the participants into these separate sessions automatically or manually, and can switch between sessions at any time. Participants in the smaller groups can have their own private conversations and then come back to the larger meeting when the host is ready.


Step 1: Enable the Breakout Rooms Setting in Your Zoom Account


1. Login at with your LSUA credentials. If you do not have a Pro Zoom account, request one by submitting a Helpdesk ticket to


2. Once you’ve logged in successfully, click Settings in the left menu pane.



3. In the Meeting settings, scroll down until you see the section, In Meeting (Advanced).

Toggle the button to ON (blue) to enable Breakout Rooms. Your change will save automatically.

Also, there's an option to pre-assign participants to breakout rooms using the web portal. Review the detailed instructions here to learn more about this process.




4. Once you’ve enabled Breakout rooms, it will show in the lower right of your meetings.  


Step 2: Using Breakout Rooms in Your Meeting


1. Open your Zoom meeting. When you’re ready to set up your Breakout rooms, click the Breakout Rooms icon on your meeting toolbar.



2. Zoom will open a pop-up window where you can assign participants to breakout rooms  automatically based on the number of rooms specified or you can manually add students in a breakout room. After you’ve made your selection, click Create Breakout Rooms.


3. Once participants are assigned to Breakout rooms, click Open All Rooms.



4. Once you click Open All Rooms, the pop up window will change to display all rooms with the button Join for you to enter any room you like.

Also, this is where you will end the Breakout sessions when you’re ready and there’s a place to send a message to all rooms at once.



For more detailed instructions on managing Breakout Rooms, review Zoom’s Help article here: