Make copies of your original video (make this times how many segments you will need)

1. Decide how many segments you need to make from the original video. Video segments should be divided into topics.

As you identify the segments, write down the beginning time of each from the Panopto timeline. 

2. Create a folder inside your My Folder to store all the video segments and the original full-length video. 

3. Copy the original full-length video into the folder you just created. Then copy the full-length video, equivalent times to the number of segments you identified in step 1.

Next: Edit and apply the changes on each video to create the segments

At this point you have created several duplicates of the full-length original that will now become each of the shorter segments – all you need to do is edit each segment video to show only the segment you want.

4.   Edit video segment 1. Cut the portion in the timeline that is not part of this segment. 

5. Apply the change(s) when you have finished editing. 

6. Continue to edit and apply (save) the remaining segments.