1.  Log In to Moodle - moodle.lsua.edu

2.  Select the appropriate course you wish to enter in Midterm and Final grades.

3.  Select the GRADES tab in Moodle

4.  Select the Midterm/Final Grade entry tab in Moodle

5.  Enter the grades in the respective column and press SAVE.  The grades will now sync automatically with Power Campus.

NOTE:  Once grades are entered in Moodle and synced with Power Campus, you will NOT be able to make a grade change.  You will be required to submit a paper grade change to the registrar's office if a change is needed, once grades have been submitted. You do have the ability to SAVE and return later to finish entering grades, if you do not complete entering them in one sitting. 

This is the message you will receive once you enter grades in the Midterm or Final Grade Column: