Starting Summer 2024:

All classes need 1 Academic Engagement Activity in the first week of class (Module 1 for online courses) and the last week of class (Module 7 for online courses).  This will help with accurate rosters, federal reporting requirements, group setup and attendance reporting for large classes.

  • 7-week course: AEA completed by 3rd day of class at 11:59 pm; non-attendance reported by noon on the 4th day
  • 15-week course: AEA completed by Sunday of the first week at 11:59 pm; non-attendance reported by noon on the following Tuesday

Faculty typically designate this activity by including "AEA" in the title of the activity. 

Keep in mind that the AEA activity cannot be an introduction forum or syllabus quiz—students must engage with the academic content of the course.

The Academic Engagement Activity Must Be:

  • Content Related
  • Tracked in a way that can be reported accurately
  • Mentioned in the syllabus and on the Moodle course page

The Academic Engagement Activity Can Be:

  • Auto graded (quiz) - low points
  • Discussion (with or without replies required)
  • Submission of assignment (Document, photo, etc. related to content)

The Academic Engagement Activity CANNOT Be:

  • Syllabus Quiz
  • Introduction Forum