Setting up your LSUA Email account on your iPhone or iPad

1. Using the iPhone, navigate to Settings


2. Select Mail, Contact, Calendars or Accounts & Passwords


3. Select Add Account.

4. Next, select Exchange.

5. Next, fill in the requested information:

  • Email:  Your full LSUA e-mail address (i.e.
    • **If you are at AMOA, your email address is
    • **If you are at University Academy, your email address is
  • Description:  Enter a description for this account (i.e. LSUA Email).  

6. Then, click Next and select Sign In

7. Select Work or school account. 

8. Enter your LSUA password and click Sign in.

9. Once verified, you can select which items that you would like to synchronize with your iPhone. After you have made your selections, simply click on Save to begin the synchronization.

Your LSUA email will now be available on your iPhone or iPad.

Please note that the above instructions may differ slightly depending on the IOS version on your phone. If so, be sure to enter the domain ( and the server ( in the correct locations.

If you need help, call IET Services at (318) 473-6574 or stop by the Technology Center (TC 107) for Personal Assistance.