Trying to find a meeting time for a group of people within outlook can be a little tricky. Whether you’re trying to send an invite for an important meeting or send availability for future engagements, Outlook’s FindTime plugin helps simplifies the process.

1. To enable FindTime on your account, go to and click Sign In.


2. Login with your LSUA credentials.


3. On the next screen, click Link Now. After you’ve successfully installed FindTime, you may need to restart Outlook or refresh the Outlook on the Web browser page.

4. Within Outlook, open a new email template and select “New Meeting Poll.”

5. Next, add your attendees. Required attendees go in the “To” line and optional attendees go in the “CC” line.

6. Once attendees are added, you’ll be able to quickly see when everyone is either available (green), tentative (yellow), or busy (red). Choose a date to see more availability options of your participants.  

7. Once you’ve selected the date and duration for the meeting, choose the time slots you wish to add to the invite. Click “next” and you will see a consolidated list of your invite time/date selections.  


8. Next, click “Insert to Email” to add the meeting options to your email.

9. Once meeting times have been selected and added to the body of the email, your email will look similar to the image below. Next, all you have to do is add the relevant information to the body of the email and send it!


10. When attendees receive your email, they will click “Select Options”. The Select Options page will look similar to the image below.


11. Findtime will send you email notifications and automatically place the meeting date on your calendar.