The Quickmail block is a convenient block in Moodle that allows instructors and academic assistants to send emails to course members. Students cannot reply to Quickmail message.

1. From the course homepage, click Compose Course Message from the Quickmail block. The Quickmail page will open.

2. Select the recipients from the To dropdown menu.

If you are sending a message to all students, you should select “Student (Role)”.

If you’re sending a message to a specific group of students, you should select the desired group name.

3. Optional: From the Exclude drop down, select recipients who should not receive the message you’re sending.


4. Next, add a subject for your message and compose your message in the Body. If you have any attachments, you may upload those to the attached files section. 


5. For the remaining options, see below.

  • Signature: If you have signatures, you can select to add it to your message. You can also create new signatures by clicking Create New. Clicking Create New will navigate away from the current window so be sure to save your message as a draft first.
  • Send message as: Leave this option as Email.
  • Sent at: This is optional. If you choose a date, it will send the message a specific time and day.
  • Receive a send report: Choose Yes. This will send a copy of the email to you.
  • Send Message: This option will send the message to the selected recipients immediately or it will save your message to send at a later time if you select a send date. Either way, this button is like a finalize button.
  • Save Draft: This option will allow you to save your message as a draft and return to it later for editing.
  • Cancel: This option will cancel your message and not save any options you have selected.

If you have any questions about using Quickmail in Moodle, submit a Help Desk ticket to