Sending a Fax

1. Open a web browser and go to

2. Login with your fax credentials (sent to you via email). If you do not have fax credentials, submit a request to

3. Below is your E-Fax Dashboard for your assigned fax number(s). Your dashboard will show the status of your faxes and other pertinent information.

4. To send a new fax, click the Send New Fax button.

5. A. On the Send a New Fax page, select your fax number from the drop-down menu.  

B. Next, type in your fax destination using the following format: 1318623587

CFrom the Resolution drop-down, select Fine. Fine is the default option and the one we recommend you use. The other resolution options are Standard and Super Fine.

  • Standard resolution is good for a basic type document.
  • Fine resolution is good for handwriting in a document.
  • Super Fine resolution is for detailed artwork or photographs.

D. If you would like to attach a coversheet, move the slide bar to the right.

E. Next, drag your scanned document to the upload box or click Upload Document to manually search for your document.

F. Review the information you selected and ensure your destination number is correct. When you’re ready to send your fax, click Send.

6. Once you send your fax, you can check the progress by using the Outbox, Sent, Failed, or Deleted buttons located on the left navigation bar.

A. The Outbox is where your sent faxes will show until they are sent successfully.

B. The Sent section will show your faxes that have been sent to recipients. Select the check box next to a fax to email, forward, or delete.  


C. The Failed section is where faxes that failed to send will be stored. Select the check box next to fax, to email, forward, or delete.

D. The Deleted folder will show faxes that have been deleted.


When you move a fax to the Deleted folder, it has a global effect which means that anyone who has access to the associated DID, will also see the file in the deleted folder.


You can restore deleted items by selecting the check box next to the item, then click Restore. The selected fax(es) will be moved back to their original folders.


Empty this folder by clicking Empty deleted folder.

Email Notification of New Faxes

1. When a fax is received on a number you are registered with, you will receive an email like the one below:

2. From the received email, you can view the fax, download, print, forward, etc.  Just click the attached PDF file. Also, in the email, it will list the source, the fax’s destination, how many pages the document is, and the date/time when the fax was sent.



If you have any questions about the e-fax system, submit a Help Desk ticket to