Before you start adding your exam details, you must have a ProctorU account. You can request an account by visiting


Step 1: Add the ProctorU plugin to Moodle

1. Login to Moodle and navigate to the course you want to add the Proctor U plugin to.

2. Turn editing on in your course.

3. Click +Add an Activity and Resource and select External Tool.


4. In the Activity name file, type “Access ProctorU Resources” and select ProctorU from the Preconfigured tool dropdown menu. Then, slick Show more.


5. Next, from the Launch container drop down menu, select Embed without blocks.



6. Click Save and return to course.

Step 2: Set up your ProctorU exam

1. Click the ProctorU link that you created in Step 1, it should be titled Access ProctorU Resources.

2. Once ProctorU loads, login if needed. Then, in the top right, click Add New.

3. Next, select Exam. This will take you to another page where you can enter the exam details.

4. Complete the exam entry form. If you need help understanding what a field is referring to while entering an exam, hover over the black information bubbles on the page. Below is a list of details you will need to complete the form:

    1. Exam Title - The name displayed for the exam, including the course number if applicable. 
    2. Department - The department associated to the course. 
    3. Incident Users - Additional ProctorU account holders who need to receive notifications for incidents related to the exam. 
    4. Instructors - Additional instructors who need to be associated with the exam. 
    5. Term - The active term that needs to be associated with the exam. 
    6. Duration - The amount of time a test-taker has to complete the exam (given in minutes).
    7. Exam URL - The web address where the exam is hosted. This address will be provided by your Learning Management System (LMS) or your Exam Delivery Platform.
    8. Exam Password - The password that unlocks the exam within your LMS or Exam Delivery Platform. Please note no test-takers will ever see this password. 
    9. Terms of Service - This is an optional field that allows you to enter exam-specific terms and conditions that a test-taker must agree to prior to beginning the exam. 
    10. Permitted Resources - A list of checkboxes for resources you would like to allow your test-takers to use. 
    11. Permitted Browsers - A list of checkboxes for Internet browsers your test-takers are allowed to use. 
    12. Other Allowed Resources - An open field where you may expand details about a selected permitted resource or enter additional permitted resources that are not included in the set provided. 
    13. Expected Number of Test-Takers - An estimate of the number of test-takers you expect to fulfill a reservation with ProctorU.
    14. Additional Exam Notes & Accommodations - Additional notes or instructions that only the proctor will see. This is where any special test-taker accommodations must be listed. 
    15. Scheduling Notifications - Additional email addresses that need to receive notifications when an exam is scheduled by a test-taker. 
    16. Contact Information for Exam Issues - Contact details for the person who needs to be reached in the event a test-taker experiences an issue that cannot be resolved by the test-taker or the proctoring staff. This person needs to be available the duration of the exam window.  
    17. Exam Windows - The blocks of time when an exam should be available for test-takers to schedule a session with ProctorU. Note this is slightly different from the exam window entered into your LMS.
      • First Appointment - The first time test-takers can schedule to begin an exam session. 
      • Last Appointment - The last available appointment to begin an exam session with ProctorU. This is not the time your test-taker will submit their exam. We recommend providing 90 minutes of additional time after the last available scheduling time and exam closure in the event a test-taker has technical issues.


5. Once you have finished filling out the form, select Submit for review. A notification will be sent to ProctorU letting them know you have a pending exam for review. They will determine whether all information meets standards of best practice and activate the exam.

If you need assistance while entering an exam in the system, click the button in the bottom right that says “Need Help? Chat Now!” to be connected to a support representative.