If your zoom meeting was recorded but does not show up in the Cloud Recordings tab, you may have saved the recording to your local computer. 

For Windows users:

1. Open your Explorer folder and click Documents.

2. In the Documents folder, double-click on the Zoom folder. Next, you will see a folder for every date / time that a meeting was scheduled.

3. There will be at least 3 files in the folder.  The video file is named zoom_0.  If the meeting recording was stopped and restarted, there will be additional zoom files numbered in sequence zoom_1, zoom_2, etc.


Double click on the file to make sure it is the one you want.  If so, rename the file to something meaningful (from the screen above, you can right click on the file name and choose rename).

Now that you can find it, you can upload this file to VidGrid to get a link to share the video. Click here to learn how to upload your recordings to VidGrid. 

Please remember you should not upload video files directly to Moodle.  Even short ones will take a lot of time, possible data charges, and take up storage space as the student will have to download the video before they can watch it.