In Moodle, you have the option to create assignments where students can work in groups that allows each group to submit a submission.


Step 1: Create Your Student Groups


Before creating your group-based assignment, you need to create groups to put the students in for your course. To get started, follow the instructions at the following link: How to Create Groups in Moodle


Step 2: Enable Group Submission and Create Your Assignment


  1. Now it is time to create your assignment. Turn editing on in your course (top right button).
  2. Click +Add and Activity or Resource and select Assignment.
  3. In the General section, add your title, description, and any additional files that go with your assignment.
  4. In the Availability section, set your due date, cutoff date, and when you would like to start allowing submissions.
  5. In the Submission Types section, decide if you want to allow online text or file submission. Typically file submission is used.
  6. In the Feedback Types section, make sure that Feedback comments, Annotate PDF, and Feedback Files are selected.
  7. In the Submission settings section, select “Yes” for Require students click submit button. Setting this option to “Yes” will require the students to click submit to formally indicate the submission is ready for grading.
  8. In the Group Submission Settings section, select Yes. Once you select Yes, additional options will display.
    1. Require group to make submission – if this option is enabled, then users who are not part of a group will not be able to submit.
    2. Require all group members submit – if this option is enabled, then all members of the group must click the submit button for the assignment to be considered submitted and final.  If this option is disabled, the group submission will be considered as submitted as soon as any member of the group clicks the submit button.
    3. Grouping for student groups – This is the grouping that the assignment will use to find groups for student groups. If not set, the default set of groups will be used. The default setting of None is appropriate.
  9. In the Common Module Settings section, from the Group Mode drop down menu, select Separate Groups or Visible Groups.
  10. Next, click Save and Return to Course.


Step 3: Grade Student Submissions


  1. On your course page, click the link to the assignment activity.
  2. Next, click View/grade all submissions.
  3. From the Separate Groups or Visible Groups drop-down menu, select a group to grade. The page will reload to show only the students in the selected group.
  4. Next, click the Grade button next to a specific student’s submission from the Group. A grading page will load where you can grade and provide feedback comments.
    1. If you would like your grade and feedback to only be provided for an individual student, select “No” under Group submission settings.