In order to remain knowledgeable about important policies and procedures, and to stay in compliance to state and federal regulations, all LSUA employees are required to complete the specific mandatory training e-courses. To make the process of keeping track of your mandatory trainings easier, there is now a Mandatory Training Tracker available in myLSUA!


How to Upload a Training Certificate

1. Login to myLSUA and locate the Mandatory Training box on the right-hand side.

2. To upload your certificate, click Upload Certificate. A box will pop up for you to browse your computer for the file.

If you do not see the box above, email

3. After you have successfully uploaded your certificate, a notification will be sent to your supervisor and the system admins for approval.


How to Review Your Employee's Progress (For Supervisors)

1. Login to myLSUA and locate the Mandatory Training Approvals box on the right-hand side. Click Review Now.


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2. On the next page, hover your mouse over a training option and select Click for Details to review submission details.


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3. On the Training Details page, you have several options.

  1. Search for an employee by name.
  2. Filter the employee list by Pending (Not Submitted Yet), Ready for Approval, Approved, and Denied.
  3. Approve/Deny and View an employee’s submission.