Important Notes:

  • We highly recommend that you use an updated version of Google Chrome.
  • Only one document can be uploaded. If you have multiple documents, you can take a picture of each, then put the images in a single Word Document.
  • Image files (JPEG, PNG) are accepted.
  • The Immunization Submission requirement does not apply to 100% Online Students or Dual-Enrollment Students.


1. Login to myLSUA with your LSUA credentials.


2. To the right-hand side, locate the Immunization Submission box. You have the option to Download the Compliance Form, Upload Proof of Vaccination, and Submit a Waiver Form. 

3. If you click Upload Proof of Vaccination, a file picker for your computer will pop up to search and upload your file. Once you upload your file, a confirmation message will display, and your submission will be submitted for review.

4. If you click Submit Waiver Form, fill out the required fields on the following page. After submitting the form, a confirmation message will display, and your submission will be submitted.

  • Note: If you submit the waiver form, the Immunization Submission Box will disappear. You can always reset your submission by going to your myLSUA profile. See step 5C below.  

5. If you would like to review your Immunization Submission status, you can view it on your myLSUA profile. To access your profile:

  1. Click your avatar in the upper right and select Profile.
  2. At the bottom, locate the option Immunization Status.
  3. If you would like to reset your status to start over, click Reset to the right of Immunization Status.