Setting up your LSUA Email account on your Android phone or tablet


IET recommends that you download the Outlook for Android Mobile App from the Google Play Store and use it for your LSUA email account. 

To get started using the Outlook for Android Mobile App, follow the instruction below.

1. Download the Outlook for Android App from the Google Play Store on your android device.

2. Next, open Outlook for Android and click the Menu button, select Settings, then Add account. 

3. Enter your full LSUA email address and click Continue.

4. Enter your password associated with your LSUA email address. Click Sign in or Next. 

5. If 2-step verification is enabled, verify yourself. 

6. You may be required to activate additional policies, click Activate and Activate again. Outlook may also request permission to access your calendar, contacts, etc. Tap Yes or Allow.

Note: Not all Android devices are configured the same. Depending on the manufacturer, as well as the Android version, your device may have to be configured slightly different than the instructions above. However, information you may need is listed below.

  • Email Address: Your full LSUA email address (i.e.
    • **If you are at AMOA, your email address will follow this format:
    • **If you are at University Academy, your email address will follow this format:
  • Password:  Your LSUA password (password is case sensitive)
  • Username:  Your LSUA Username (do not include
  • Domain:
  • Server:
  • Domain\Username:  username (i.e. jdoe001)

If you need help, call IET Services at (318) 473-6574 or stop by the Technology Center for Personal Assistance.