About ProctorU

ProctorU a.k.a ProctorU Live+ is an online proctoring service that watches students take exams using webcams and screen sharing technology to aid in maintaining academic integrity and exam security. ProctorU gives students the convenience of testing at home by replicating the on-site testing experience, thus giving instructors the ability to ensure academic integrity. 

What to expect with?

Proctors at ProctorU Live+ will guide test-takers through exam launch, multi-factor identity verification, and environment security scans where non-permitted materials can be removed before the exam. During the full exam, live proctors monitor test-takers and flag suspicious events and intervene when necessary.


In addition, artificial intelligence (AI) acts as a second set of eyes during the proctoring session by constantly monitoring behaviors and alerting the proctor to suspicious activity such as lighting changes, unusual noises, and looking off screen consistently.


You can expect an incident report on sessions provided within 24 hours which will included end-to-end recordings and time stamps.

Before you get started adding your exam details, you must have a ProctorU account first. You can request an account by visiting https://go.proctoru.com/registrations

Once you have submitted your account request, a member of the ProctorU team will contact you to assist with any further questions or concerns you may have.

  • The guide below is for students. It demonstrates how to schedule an exam with ProctorU, information about proctoring fees, technical requirements, and other pertinent information. 

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