1. Login to myLSUA.

2. Click on Self Service form the top menu. 

3. Click Continue to Self Service button at the bottom of the Splash page. If you have issues accessing Self-Service via myLSUA, you can access Self-Service directly at https://selfservice.lsua.edu/.

4. In Self-Service, hover your mouse/cursor over the Classes tab and click Course Management

5. Using the drop-down menus, select your Course Period and the Course for which you want to add grades. 

6. Once the course populates, select Overall Grades from the left menu. 

7. Use the drop-down menus to enter grades in the Mid-Term or Final Grade column. 

8. To save grades and complete submission later, click Save at the bottom of the page.

9. If a student receives a final grade of F (failing), click the Overall Attendance option from the left menu to record whether the student Never Attended or Stopped Attending. Last Date of Attendance is only required if the student stopped attending and received an F in the course. Click here for instructions on using Overall Attendance in Self-Service