How to Access

1. Log into myLSUA and click Self-Service from the top menu. 

2. Hover your cursor over “Classes”, then select Course Management.

3. Select the Period and Course you want to make attendance for from the drop down menus. 

4. Next, select either Overall Attendance or Daily Attendance from the left-hand menu. 

Overall Attendance

The following steps will demonstrate how to submit overall attendance in Self-Service for a current LSUA course. 

  1. Next to the student's name, click the drop down menu for Overall Attendance to choose a status. 
  2. Then, select the calendar icon to choose a Last date attended. After all changes, do not forget to click Save at the bottom. 

Daily Attendance

The following steps will demonstrate how to submit daily attendance in self-service for a current course. Daily attendance can also be tracked in Moodle. Click here to view instructions. Both ways are great for tracking attendance, but we recommend that you use either Moodle OR Self-Service. 

1. Select the date you want to mark attendance for using the provided calendar. 

2. Use the Apply Status drop down menu to quickly apply an attendance status to all students. 

3. Use the Attendance Status drop down menu next to each student's name to set an individual attendance status. 

4. Save all changes by clicking the Save button at the bottom of the page.