1. Navigate to https://my.lsua.edu/Account/Login and click First Time Account Setup.


2. On the next page, fill out the required fields. Keep in mind the following when creating your LSUA password:

  1. Must be at least 6 characters long.
  2. Must contain a lowercase letter.
  3. Must contact an uppercase letter.
  4. Must contain a number.
  5. Cannot contain any part of your name and/or username.

3. After clicking Setup Account, you will be presented with your LSUA username.


4. Return to https://my.lsua.edu/Account/Login and click Login. Microsoft Authentication will display for you to type in your LSUA email and password. Your LSUA email is your LSUA username plus @lsua.edu, for example username@lsua.edu.


5. If needed, Microsoft Authentication will require additional information to further secure your account. Continue with the on-screen prompts to provide the required additional information.


6. Next, return to https://my.lsua.edu/Account/Login and login with your LSUA credentials.


If you have any questions, submit a Help Desk ticket by emailing iethelp@lsua.edu.


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